Unique and personalized final journey


Our variety of both modern and traditional hearses make it possible for you to choose whichever you are most comfortable with. Their modesty as well as smartness make them highly attractive to all our clients. The options you have are limitless due to the fact that we have a variety of highly maintained hearses of different models. The choice is all yours


Types of Hearses

We strive to ascertain that each specific detail regarding your loved one’s funeral is personally tailored to them in a bid to make their final journey memorable alongside giving them the final respects that they deserve.

We are at your service regardless of the kind of direction you’ll choose to take. Whether you prefer a modest and minimalistic kind of funeral, or one that is flashy and colorful – we certainly do not judge. Rather, we remain committed to making it a unique and personalized final journey.


The Procession

You can either contact us or visit us in order for you to give us a description of the specifics required for your loved one’s final journey.

We shall thereafter take you through the options that are available and the different ranges in price.

Be sure to let the funeral director know of any specific make that you would wish to have in order for them to try and make it available.

The chosen hearse will therefore be the one to carry your loved one’s coffin from the family or funeral home, to the funeral service, and thereafter to either the cemetery or crematorium.