The following sets out how WeDriveLondon deals with the lost and found property

  • WedriveLondon will at the end of each journey, check the vehicle over once the passengers have been dropped off at their destination.
    • In the event that an item is found after the passenger had been dropped off the following steps will be taken:
      Chauffeur will contact the office immediately noting the customer booking reference, drop off point, description of item found and where the item was found in the vehicle.
    • WeDriveLondon office will then contact the passenger by phone.
    • If the passenger cannot be contacted an email will be sent to the passenger explaining the position and asking them to directly contact the office although no description of the item will be provided.
    • Chauffeur will bring lost property to the WeDriveLondon head office where the item will be stored securely.
    • WeDriveLondon will create a log on the Lost Property where all details about the lost property would be recorded.
    • If the passenger has not contacted the office within 3 days, WeDriveLondon will try to contact the passenger again by phone and email.
    • WeDriveLondon will hold the lost property for a period of 6 months.
  • On contacting the office the passenger will be asked to Provide the booking reference number and the description of the item to ensure lost property is correctly reunited with its rightful owner.
  • WeDriveLondon do not take any responsibility for any damage to items
  • WDriveLondon also reserves the right to charge a fee for returning lost property items.