Choose Your Coach

9+1 or 12+1 Seaters

The Luxury Minibus if offered with 2 seating options. Crew / Guide (+1) Seat.

Room for 16-20

16 seater and 19+1 seaters Minibuses to choose from.

We have a variety of options for you to choose from in terms of the bus capacity. So, depending on how large or small your group is, you can either choose the 9-12 or 16-20 Seater Minibus. These buses are ideal for you and your entire team since they have all equally been fitted with reclining luxury seats, panoramic windows and the customary refinements. You have the option of deciding how your guests will be kept entertained throughout the entire trip.



Free on Board Wi-Fi

Stay Connected on the move. Never miss that important email or Surf the web via our free onboard Wi-Fi Service.

Room for 9-20

Our Minibuses will hold 9-20 passengers comfortably as well as a large amount of luggage.

Bottled Mineral Water

We offer a complimentary bottle of mineral water for your enjoyment. Child Seats Available

Exemplary Services and Facilities

Our mini buses sum up a combination of comfort and fun alongside great entertainment and DVD systems which will certainly keep you and your guests entertained and unperturbed for as long as you’ll be on the road.

Aside from the entertainment, Part of the reason why this is going to be a pleasant and unforgettable experience is inclusive of the Plush leather seating alongside the ambient lighting that will definitely make any journey or trip comfortable and fun. Through the panoramic windows, you’ll all be able to enjoy the view all through the journey.

Hiring a Luxury Minibus with a chauffeur at hand

The best thing about our services is the ease and straightforward nature of the entire procedure involved.

You’re first required to give us a call and/or send us an email with details of your planned trip or event.

We shall thereafter send you a quotation for your entire group travel which shall make it possible for you to know where you fall with regards to the available prices for your journey alongside a sufficient amount of time that shall allow you to budget accordingly with ease and precision.